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Alessandro Licata

This is not a site.

It’s a personal journey across organ music, from ancient authors to contemporary ones, showing forty years interests, activities, and projects of a performer and teacher, much fond of J.S. Bach but not only...

It’s also a memory repository, starting from Maestro Fernando Germani teaching, to contemporary experimentations with Nuova Consonanza, to the in depth studies on Bach with Giancarlo Bizzi, and much more...

It’s furthermore an exciting trip discovering a lot of instruments, from the largest ones in Italy – Messina, Monreale, the Santa Cecilia Academic Hall Walcker-Tamburini – to the oldest ones – the Joachim Wagner in Siedlce; from those who unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore – the historic Collemaggio Organ in L’Aquila – to the magnificent organs in Stockholm, as far as in China...